[uw.tex] OzTeX FTP site

gjditchfield@watmsg.waterloo.edu (Glen Ditchfield) (07/17/89)

OzTeX is now available for FTP from host watmsg.uwaterloo.ca (also known as
watmsg.uwaterloo.cdn and watmsg.waterloo.edu).  Use the login name
"anonymous", and look in the directory pub/oztex.  You should find the
OzTeX distribution (Stuffit-encoded, binhexed, and broken into pieces
smaller than 390k), a README file, the OzTeX User Guide in LaTeX format,
and a binhexed copy of Stuffit 1.5.1.
   OzTeX is a free version of TeX for the Macintosh.  OzTeX can produce
.dvi files from .tex input files, print .dvi files on PostScript printers,
and preview .dvi files on the Macintosh screen.  The distribution includes
OzTeX, the "plain TeX", "LaTeX", and "AMS-TeX" formats, a variety of
PK-format font files, documentation and demonstration files, and complete
Modula-2 source files.
   The author of OzTeX feels that the minimal system needed to format and
print files is a 1-megabyte Mac Plus with a 20-megabyte hard disk.
However, I have had some success formatting and previewing LaTeX "article"
documents and the OzTeX User Guide on a Mac with two 800-k floppy disks.

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