[uw.tex] OzTeX 1.2 available for ftp

gjditchfield@watmsg.waterloo.edu (Glen Ditchfield) (02/05/90)

OzTeX 1.2, an implementation of TeX for the Macintosh, is available for
anonymous ftp from watmsg.waterloo.edu.  OzTeX produces .dvi files from
.tex input, prints .dvi files on PostScript printers, and previews .dvi
files on the Macintosh screen.  It includes the "Plain TeX", "LaTeX", and
"AMS-TeX" formats, a variety of PK-format font files, documentation and
demonstration files, and complete Modula-2 source files.  A Modula-2
compiler for the Macintosh Programmer's Workshop is also provided.
   Changes from OzTeX 1.1 include better support for printing and
previewing with PostScript fonts, and simpler ways to change some TeX
capacity parameters.
   To copy OzTeX, ftp to watmsg.waterloo.edu, using the login name
"anonymous".  cd to directory "pub", and then cd to directory "oztex".
"get" the file README for full details on what files to copy.

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