[ba.politics] Post-War Teach-In at Stanford, preliminary announcement

xinwei@jessica.stanford.edu (Xin Wei Sha) (03/28/91)

Post War Teach-In 
On the consequences of the Gulf War and the "new world order"

April 11, 1991

Stanford University, California

coordinated by students and faculty at Stanford University.

Tentative schedule (exact session titles, locations to be announced later)

9:00-12 noon	Patriotism & domestic dissent

9:00-12 noon	Consumerist culture

12-1:30 pm	Media, information and censorship

1:30-3:00	The environment

3:00-4:30	The military-industrial complex vs social welfare 

4:30-6:00 	Actors in the Middle East: the Palestinians, Jews, Kurds, Iranians, ...

6:00-8:00	US Foreign Policy: the Middle East