[psu.forsale] Mac II for sale

APL100@PSUVM.BITNET (Andy) (07/15/89)

  Mac II system including:                Asking: $4500 or best offer
      80 meg internal hard disk
      2 800k internal floppy dirves       I also own a fair amount of
      2 meg RAM                           software that is negotiable.
      Apple Hi Res color monitor
        - extended 8 bit video
      Apple Extended keyboard

  I've owned the computer since October '88, and have never had to service
  it, except for the RAM upgrade, and extra floppy drive.  It was purchased
  independently of the university I attend, and therefore this offer is not
  "illegal".  I can be reached by phone between 6:00pm and 12:00am at
  (814) 867-8100.

  Andy LeCates  APL100@PSUVM.Bitnet   ALECATES@PSUPEN.Bitnet
                AppleLink: STO276