[psu.forsale] Mac SE20 for sale

ALE101@PSUVM.BITNET (Allen Edmiston) (11/18/89)

ok, here's some info on the deal:

  Macintosh SE (approx 1.4yr old)
   - 1mb of memory (apple memory)
   - internal 20meg hard drive
   - internal 800k floppy drive
  Apple Extended ADB keyboard
  Apple Mouse (and a mousepad if you like)
  Carrying case (well built, used for one trip,
  holds everything u need with space to spare)
  System software (version 6.0.3)
  Hypercard software (version 1.2.2)
  tons of pd/shareware files

i've never had any problems with the system, i'm selling because i now have a
chance to get a larger system. the price is $1800, e-mail me or call me at one
of the following:

                                                        Adrian Sullivan
                                                        (814) 238-4276