[psu.forsale] Mac SE w/20meg forsale- 1800

ALE101@PSUVM.BITNET (Allen Edmiston) (12/10/89)

ok, here's the info, all for only 1800.

Macintosh SE, approx 1.4 yr old.
1meg ram
20meg internal hard drive
800k internal disk drive
Extended Apple ADB keyboard
System 6.0.4 and hypercard 1.2.5 software, plus any shareware/pd stuff
Carrying case (used for one trip, holds everything, including an external
hard disk if you use one)

the price is 1800, it's been kept in very good contdition. please reply here,
or to one of the following. btw- reason for sale, upgrading to a IIcx and need
the money first.
                                              Adrian Sullivan

                                   borrowed-> ale101@psuvm.bitnet