[psu.forsale] Amiga Processor accelerator

CJC105@psuvm.psu.edu (Chris) (03/29/90)

I have a CMI PA-1000 processor accelerator with a 16 mhz 68881 math chip.
This is the card WITHOUT the rom sockets.   Note, the accelerator works in an
Amiga 2000 with the relocation of the clock battery.  In addition, if you
use this in your 2000 you can enable the FASTROM mode.  This will run the
OS code twice as fast.   I had the accelerator running in my Amiga 2000 for
about a week with no problem.  The only thing is that the math chip is mapped
at $EE0000, and this will interfere with devices mapped in that area (like the
brigdeboard).  You can probably take out the 68881 and use the rest of the
accelerator with the bridgecard, though I have not tried this.   I am asking
$140.  Please respond E-Mail or call.

                                           Chris Conrad

                                           (814) 862-9044