[psu.forsale] Amiga system for sale in pieces

davison@taurus.bucknell.edu (brian davison) (11/20/90)

I have had some inquiries about selling my amiga system in pieces, and
all of the offers have been low, but I am willing to break it up if
homes can be found for everything.  Here are my asking prices for
the pieces:

	$330 -	A1000 cpu/keyboard/mouse/512K/internal 3.5" drive
		incl. system software 1.2,1.3, manuals, 6' par cable, cables

	$130 -	A1010 external 3.5" drive

	$150 -	A1020 external 5.25" drive + transformer software
		incl. cable

	$200 -	A1080 RGBI monitor
		incl. cables

	$10 -	Publisher Plus (chincy publishing package)
		Empire (good wargame)
		incl. manuals (Empire requires it)

As before, I am the original owner of all items.  Can provide original boxes
for most, if not all.  Never needed repair.  Only difficulty that I have
had is that the keyboard needs to be cleaned occassionally (which I have 

ASKING PRICE: $800 or best offer for system plus shipping (+ COD if necessary).

Interested people should e-mail me before Christmas at

	davison@amethyst.bucknell.edu or

Thank you.