[psu.forsale] A2000HD/AT, Dual HD, Super Denise 6.2b, VGA, 2320, 2091, and more!

CJC105@psuvm.psu.edu (03/20/91)

A2000 Rev 6.2b Motherboard with 68010, Super Agnus, Super Denise, 3.5in floppy
A2091 Hard drive controller
       Quantum 40 Meg hard drive
       2091 is fully populated with 2 megs of 100ns CMOS ram (3 megs in system)
A2320 de-interlacer/scan doubler
A2286 AT Bridgeboard, 8.0 MHZ 286, 1 meg ram, socket for a 287.  MS-DOS 4.01
       4 full 16-bit IBM-AT slots
       5.25 1.2 meg floppy drive
       40 meg Western Digital IDE hard drive
       16-bit: 2Ser/1Par/1Game/FDD/EHDI Super IDE controller.
       16-bit: ATI VGA Wonder+ card
       1 emulated parallel port on the Amiga side
       Internal IBM speaker mounted behind the A2000 front case
       Appoximately 20 1.2 Meg 5.25 floppy disks with disk filer

The VGA card and the 2320 de-interlacer are hooked into a switchbox
via two custom VGA cables (1.5 and 2 feet in length), therefore you can
hook a 15-pin VGA compatible monitor to the switchbox and switch
between the Amiga and IBM video with ease.

There are four full IBM AT 16-bit slots on the Amiga motherboard.  The
A2286, VGA card, and controller card use three of these slots leaving
open one 16-bit slot.

Norton 5.0 gives a speed rating of 4.4 for the 286 CPU and a disk rating of
4.6, Average Seek of 24.57ms, and a transfer rate of 498.5 kb/s.

The Amiga motherboard, A2286, and VGA card are __NEW__ from the factory
as of March 1991!  No other part of the system is more than a year old as of
Mid-March 1991.  The WD-IDE drive and controller were bought new in the Summer
of 1990.

I am selling this system because I no longer need the IBM compatibility,
and wish to purchase an Amiga 3000UX.

I am looking to get $2699.00 (obo) for this system.  All offers will be
considered but I probably will not sell for under my asking price.  I will
ship the system in the original A2000 box.  If you are willing to send a
certified check ahead of time, I am willing to pay the shipping/insurance
(in continental US).  Otherwise, I will ship the computer COD cash only, you
pay the shipping/insurance.

This is an excellent system if you desire a good Amiga/IBM platform.
Note, you will have to supply a VGA or Multisync monitor with this system as I
am keeping my monitor for my next computer.  I will let this post
on the net for 5 days before I reply to any offers.  I will reply to any
questions as soon as possible.  Reply E-MAIL or call.

                                                  Chris Conrad

                                                  (814) 862-9044