[psu.forsale] Commodore 64 equipment forsale

CMO105@psuvm.psu.edu (06/30/91)

I have the following forsale:
Commodore 64 computer, works fine except that a few keys stick...$50.00
Commodore 1702 color monitor, perfect condition...$100.00
Commodore 1541 disk drive, out of alignment, maybe you can fix it...$30.00
Commodore 1670 1200 baud modem for c-64, works reliably...$50.00
I have a working power supply for the computer, included in the price,
I have a cable for the monitor somewhere, which is included in the price,
Cables for the drive are also included,
I'll sell the whole shibang for... $210.00!
Buyer pays shipping, which could be considerable for the monitor, so
go figure...:)
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