[pb.unix] uucp twixt unix and xenix

jste@pbhyf.PacBell.COM (Joshua Stein) (02/23/89)

I'm evaluating a number of configuration options in my work setup. One of these
options involves running Xenix Version 2.2. on a Compaq 286 box. The critical
element is a necessity to be able to *easily* transfer files to an Arete/Arix
host running Unix Sys V (not sure what release). I don't know if the Arete is
running HDB but I doubt the Xenix is. Would it be a real hassle to set up uucp
for this connection (one-hop)? I need this information REAL FAST so I can make
a sensible decision. Please route any e-mail to {world}!pacbell!pbhyf!jste (I
will change my .signature REAL SOON).
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