[eunet.sources] IMPORTANT : wrong address in .signature of request for Grammer Checker

ags@uk.co.gec-mrc (11/01/90)

Sorry ! My .signature had an incorrect return address in my last article.
The return address for replies should be :

 ags@uk.co.gec-mrc (from the UK)
 ags@gec-mrc.co.uk@ukc.co.uk (from overseas)

-- Gavin

[ the article read as follows :

|There were ZERO replies to my first posting - if you can answer but
|didn't bother last time, please make the effort this time. Thanks.
|I am looking for software - preferably public domain - to analyse
|English text, checking grammar and style of writting, etc. This
|could be anything from very simple software checking for repeated
|use of a word or phrase to a complete grammatical checker.
|Please post your reply, or mail to me and I'll summarise to the net.
|Thanks in advance.