[eunet.sources] MS-Kermit wanted

eh@ign.UUCP (eh@phenix pour news) (06/07/91)


Can somebody send me a newer version of MS-Kermit (uuencoded), which can
emulate a VT220- 8 bits (I have MS-Kermit V2.26 which can only emulate
VT100) ? (if such a Kermit exists...)
I'd be very grateful...

Eric HURTEBIS (Institut Geographique National - Paris - France)
Net: eh@ign.uucp

ts@uwasa.fi (Timo Salmi) (06/08/91)

In article <1325@ign.UUCP> eh@ign.UUCP (eh@phenix pour news) writes:
>Can somebody send me a newer version of MS-Kermit (uuencoded), which can
>emulate a VT220- 8 bits (I have MS-Kermit V2.26 which can only emulate

The situation is analogous with the one described below.  Just
substitute /pc/termprog/msker310.zip where appropriate.

From: ts@uwasa.fi
Subject: Pleas for extremely common programs
Date: Sat 18 May 00:00:07 1991

7. *****
 Q: Someone email me a .zip extractor (or something equally common)

 A: This is not a flame but a friendly piece of advice for you, and
others occasionally posting similar wishes concerning easily
available shareware and PD programs.
    Better still than making an offhand request that may end up with
several kind netters duplicating each others' efforts for your
benefit by rushing to email your request to you, how about doing the
work yourself and getting it from an ftp site, or a BBS near you. At
our site the extractors can be found in the /pc/arcers directory.
For .zip files use pkz110eu.exe.
   The wares are available by anonymous ftp from garbo.uwasa.fi,
Vaasa, Finland, or by using our mail server (use the latter if, and
only if you don't have anonymous ftp).  If you are not familiar with
anonymous ftp or mail servers, I am prepared send prerecorded
instructions on request.  (If you don't get the instructions from me
within a few days, it will mean that your email address cannot be
reached by a simple email reply, and you wouldn't be able to utilize
the mail server anyway. In this case contact your own system manager
for a better mail path.)
   (If you already have /pc/ts/tsfaq##.arc, the prerecorded
instructions are what is in the PD2ANS.TXT file.)
   If you are in North America, first try a North American mail
server to cut down the overseas traffic.                             
   If you don't know what directory to look at for the program you   
would like to have, first get the file lists:                        
     /pc/ts/tsarc###.txt  (### = a growing version number)
Prof. Timo Salmi
Moderating at garbo.uwasa.fi anonymous ftp archives
School of Business Studies, University of Vaasa, SF-65101, Finland
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