[talk.politics.soviet] foreign language dictionaries like Digital Webster

geoff@circus.camex.com (Geoffrey Knauth) (12/09/90)

I am hoping that foreign language dictionaries (e.g. Russian, German
and French) like Digital Webster can become available for the NeXT
machine.  In talking with activists at the Boston Computer Society
General Meeting 11/28, Steve Jobs said NeXT was trying to arrange
French and German.

Yesterday I attended an AI/Machine-Translation talk at BBN given by
Natalia Percova (Univ. of Moscow, Russian Language Institute of the
USSR Academy of Sciences).  I asked her for a person who could help
bring a good Russian dictionary to the NeXT community, and she gave me
the following address.  She said the address is imprecise, but it is
good enough to reach.

	Prof. Andrushenko
	Institute for the Russian Language
	USSR Academy of Sciences
	[I assume Volkhonka needs "Moscow, USSR" as well.]

I am posting this in the hope that someone in the NeXT community,
better connected than I, can do something with it; if not, I'll see
what I can do.

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