[comp.sys.ibm.pc.net] ProComm on Net

jgriffin@eecs.cs.pdx.edu (Jon Griffin) (09/26/90)

Let me apologize at the start if this has been beat to death, but its new to
me.  I am using MSDOS on an AST 80286 with a Western Digital Ethernet card.
I have been accessing the main frame (IBM 4281) by using NCSA Telbin Version
2.2 of 7/5/88.  The VT100 terminal emulation of the NCSA is not what the 
main frame expects it to be.  I have a key mapping for PROCOMM that works 
just fine with the main frame.

My question is...(drum roll)...can I set up Procomm the access the ether  
net card instead of the modem?.

Thank You...Jon

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