[comp.sys.ibm.pc.net] Multiple PC's to one laser printer???

crs@lanl.gov (Charlie Sorsby) (04/19/91)

I apologize for posting to several groups but I'd like as much
information as I can find.

The subject says it all.  We'd like to connect several PC's (4 to
10) to a single laser printer.  If it matters, the machines include
some PS2-55SX's, a PS2-50X (I think), and several clones.

I know there are boxes advertised to do this but the advertising
says little about what to expect, how well it works, what options
may exist, etc.

So--I hope to draw on the collective experience of the net.  What
are your experiences good and bad with the various devices?  What
features should I look for?  What should I look out for?  What can
we expect to pay?  What is worth having?  What is not?

Please respond via e-mail to the following address.  I can't keep
up with these groups but I'll post a summary when (or if) :( I
receive anything.  I'll summarize to comp.sys.ibm.pc.hardware
unless you all think there is a more appropriate group (or groups).

Many thanks...


Charlie Sorsby						"I'm the NRA!"