[tek.wanted] File Compression Utility Wanted

karenc@amadeus.LA.TEK.COM (Karen Cate) (09/08/88)

I was wondering if anyone out there has or knows of any good file 
compression/de-compression utilities.  We are transferring very large
files between a logic analyzer and a host machine.  Even over GPIB
or Ethernet, some of these transfers take HOURS, which is annoying to say
the least.

These are the requirements we are looking for:

 - Must be portable, or available over a wide range of systems including
   but not limited to PC's, Suns, Apollos, Apples, and of course our

 - Must be fast.  I.e. compression and transfer must take less time than
   transferring the original file.  We are looking for speed improvements,
   not for disk space optimization.

 - We'd prefer this to be a product that is supported by its vendor, but 
   this is negotiable.

Please E-mail any leads you may have.  This is becoming a critical problem...

Karen A. Cate
Tektronix Inc, Beaverton OR
tektronix!amadeus!karenc -OR- karenc@amadeus.LA.TEK.COM