[tek.wanted] Looking for info on EGA card I've acquired.

erikt@tekig3.PEN.TEK.COM (Erik Teose) (03/19/91)

I've acquired a Paradise EGA card, but no documentation or software. I would
sure appreciate getting some info on switch/jumper settings (or better yet,
a copy of the manual, and any software that came with it).

Some specifics:
  short card, for 8-bit slot
  the back plate has the following:
    access to 5-position dip switch (currently 1 & 4 are open, 2,3,5 closed)
    2 RCA female connectors
    9-pin miniature D connector
  the "big square chip" (gate array?) has the following on it:
    PEGA 1A
    TAG 8730 (delta symbol)
    557 HONG KONG
  the EPROM has the following on its label:
    C/S 0700
  there's a sticker near the bus connector with:
    R03P 412400

Any info is welcome; I'll gladly pay for copying/floppy/postage.

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