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In article <511@orawest.UUCP> brian@ore.UUCP (Brian kahn) writes:
>Can anyone comment on the immediate future of interactive video on
>CD-ROMs?  I know that potential exists (has been demo'd) and that
>plans surface occasionally for home CD-ROM players w/ interactive
>video, what about practical application?  Will production of disks
>and players remain prohibitive for another five years?

The latest and greatest hope of interactivity and CD-ROM technology
was (and is, as far as I know) Compact Disc-Interactive, a standard
proposed by Phillips and Sony to merge computer, video, and CD-ROM/
CD Audio technology into a single home unit.  The power of every CD-I
unit will be quite adequate for a wide range of applications, and
the amount of video, sound, and program information that would fit
onto one CD would be very great indeed.

My question:  what's the scoop with CD-I?  When will the first players
be out?  What kind of discs (games!!) are being developed?  Will I
be able to get one by this Christmas?  (I'm saving up already...)

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Crossposted widely because I wanted to reach the people who'll know.
(Sorry it's not strictly applicable to rec.arts.int-fiction as defined
by Adam Engst, but oh well...)

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