[psu.micro] Kermit

TRM900@PSUVM.BITNET (Tony R. Marasco) (11/24/88)

  I have been having problems with the Kermit for my TRS Model IV
  recently, and shrugged it off as a bad copy of Kermit.  Now, I
  have Kermit for the C=64 and that is giving me the same problem:

  Kermit will NOT acknowledge the "checksum" from the mainframe.

  If I want to send or receive anything, I have to hit return after
every packet.  That is quite annoying with small files, and I don't
  want to go through this in the near future when my files get larger.
  Any suggestions?  Is there some setting that I missed on the
  Kermit.ini file??  Any help is greatly appreciated.
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