[psu.micro] Good multitasking GUI needed

DLV101@PSUVM.BITNET (08/24/89)

I am looking for a Graphical User Interface that will allow me to have multiple
concurrent DOS sessions, each running in its own window.  My intent is to run
a PC version of TeX.  I would like to be able to simultaneously view my .DVI
file and the .TEX file being edited.  In addition, I'd like to be able to
edit or preview a file while another is being processed by TeX in the
background.  I'd also like to have CED resident: a utility that spools your
keyboard commands, and allows you to recall and edit them with the uparrow and
downarrow - much like VAX/VMS.  Is there a GUI that operates under DOS or
otherwise that will allow this?  Will OS/2 permit it?  I believe TeX will
"behave" nicely when run in a window, however, it requires 640K.  Will
Windows/386 permit me to do this if I've got the memory?  Thanks in advance.