[psu.micro] Apple Lisa 2 Information

BGB100@psuvm.psu.edu (Bruce Blanar) (02/18/90)

   I'm looking for some help with an Apple Lisa 2 computer I just bought.  The
system configuration is:  Apple Lisa 2 model #A6S0200
                          1M RAM
                          800K 3.5" floppy
                          Hard Drive (capacity yet unknown)
   I got the system with only a few docs, and the only software is the stuff
which is on the HD.  When I start up the system, the HD autoboots and starts
to run MACWORKS 3.0 (c)1985.  I get a "Welcome to Macintosh" message window,
and then the system starts to load a program called JCLOCK.  JCLOCK puts the
current time in the upper-right hand corner of the screen, then I get a system
error, ID=02 alert box.  None of the docs I have tell me about what the system
error codes mean.  Sometimes this system error comes up with ID=33, but usually
the error is 02.
   If anyone has any info they can pass on to me, or where I can get more info,
please let me know.  I got the system cheap, and I would like to get it up and
running.  From what I understand, if I had a Lisa startup floppy, I could
start the system up from the floppy and repair the HD(maybe), but at least I
could get into the system.  Unfortunately, I don't have any floppies for it,
and Mac startup files won't work.
    Again, any help would be appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance,

Bruce Blanar
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