[psu.micro] IBM PS/2 Model 30 286-Floppy drive problem.

KDA101@psuvm.psu.edu (KeithPetto Alexander) (03/16/90)

    I would like to know if anyone shares my problem, if so, I would love to
here other peoples solutions.

    I own an IBM PS/2 Model 30 286.  Two months beyond warranty the floppy
disk drive has decided to fail and I need to replace it.  Where in the world
can I get a replacement???  I have tried, and will continue to try, every
mail order place in the entire computer shopper magazine!  No one seems to
sell a floppy (3.5" 1.44Mb) drive that is compatible with the 30 286.  If
anyone has any ideas I would love to know, the dealer says I can get one
for $250, but I don't want to pay that when I see drives of the same type,
(different plug in the back) for only $100 and less.

    I just need a disk drive.  Help.  If anyone from IBM reads this, feel
free to call me for a complete (complaint) synopsis of my dilemma.

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FTH@psuvm.psu.edu (Fred Houlihan) (03/22/90)

Kieth, have you gotten in touch with the micro computer support people
in Willard?  I work with IBM here, but I am not sure if they provide
student support. (I am making the presumption that you are a student -
if I am wrong please correct me).  Try John Kahlbach at 863-4356 and
ask for his advice.  At least in the past they usually had other
manufacturers hardware there that they tested interfacing with IBM.

1.44MB floppys from other sources may not work in a 30/286, so you need
a recommendation from somebody who has actually used one.

Try calling me at 237-5721.  I am hard to reach by phone, or better,
send me a note directly to fth at psuvm.