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>>> ...is this topic too hot for anyone to handle? 
>>There's some (unpleasant) truth in what he says.  At slave auctions,
>>plantation owners probably picked the strongest and healthiest-looking
>>slaves available.  And preferred those with good teeth, so that dental
>>bills would be lower.
>>You'll probably never see a white person duplicate Walter Payton's
>>career.  The guy is amazing, especially considering that he's not as
>>big as Jim Brown or Larry Czonka.
> Be real.  I don't we'll see *anybody* duplicate Walter Payton's career
> be he white, black, or polka-dotted.  Payton was simply amazing.  To
> call him "one-in-a-million" would be slighting him.  Yes, Payton is
> black.  But most important, Payton is Payton.
John madden would say:
YO RAY, let's not get rational.  After all, this is <boom> rec.sport.football,
and <hitting in the trenches> not everybody is logical.  <He's on my
all-Madden team, did you see the way he spit on his jersey>  Jimmy The "gimme
another ouzo" Greek, may have been wrong, but at least he's off of the only
football network, CBS.  Could Brent be next (PLEEEEEASE!!!!)?

	struct ESPN{
		char *guest_commentator;
	char *fired_from_CBS;

	fired_from_CBS = "Jimmy the Greek\0";

	ESPN.guest_commentator = fired_from_CBS;



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