[rec.sport.football] Football for Amiga

rlcarr@athena.mit.edu (Rich Carreiro) (08/23/89)

Does anyone out there know if Bethesda has/will eve3r update Gridiron!
beyond v1.2 (Gridiron!'s release number -- nothing to do with the OS)?

Also, has Microsearch (I think that's it -- the company I want is the one that
does City Desk) upgraded Head Coach to 2.0 yet?  Back in March they said
so,ething was due in the summer, but I never got a card from them, and haven't
remembered to call yet.  Before I drop the dime, (more like dollar) I
thought I'd ask here first.

Next, is EA going to port Jack Madden Football to the Amiga?  If it's
anything like Earl Weaver Baseball is for baseball, I'd love to see it.
Has anyone seen hoe it is on other machines?

#define FLAME on
Finally, I don't understand all the crying over the rumor of
Cinemaware going out of business.  I say GOOD RIDDANCE!
If their other stuff is anything like TV:Sports Football, they deserve
to go under.  It concentrates on flash and sound, but the game play is
wretched.  Making you reboot to get out of practice mode and after
every game is very bogus, as is forcing you to play from the master
disk.  Having made the mistake of buying it, I warn others to
stay away from it at all costs.  Their customer supprt
sucks eggs, too.  I wrote them a letter complaining about some
of the things I just mentioned, and they wrote back the most
patronizing letter I've ever seen -- filled with stuff like
"Well, if you knew anything about programming...", "We all know
the Amiga has some big problems with it's OS..", and ended it
with saying that they really didn't care what I thought.  Why is
it that software companies are so goddamned arrogant?  Such behavior
in any other business would not be tolerated.  It almost makes you
want to be a pirate just to punish them (only 1/2 :^).
#define FLAME off

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