[rec.sport.football] Amiga Pro Football Simulator

rlcarr@athena.mit.edu (the Wizard of Speed and Time) (12/16/89)

I just saw an ad for a football simulator from MicroSearch.
It is $34.95 or $20 if you have Head Coach (send in $20 and your
original disk to MicroSearch).  From the ad:

- Friendly Features -
* Modem play between 2 computers
* Uses artificial intelligence: the computer can alter a team's game
  plan according to success or failure
* Online documentation
* No copy protection
* Instant replay with slo-mo.
* Weather: rain, snow and wind
* Includes seperate verions for 512K and 1 meg machines

- Powerful League Play -
* supports league stats
* compiles and prints stats
* beginner and standard playbooks
* powerful mouse interface
* Standard playbook with 136 offensive and 104 defensive plays
* detailed playbook mode for calling thousands of detailed plays
* create your own custom plays as the game progresses

- Professional Football Action -
* All 22 players move individually according to their own assignments
* call audibles on the line
* implements man-man, zone, and combination coverages

Disclaimer: I have NO connection with MicroSearch.  I'm just a satisfied
Head Coach owner and a football junkie.

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