[rec.sport.football] DIDNEVER BONGOS

hb@uvaarpa.virginia.edu (Hank Bovis) (01/19/90)

In article <1167@disk.UUCP> tammy@disk.UUCP (Tammy Mohr) writes:
>		if the broncos are so great, my friend, why is it
>	that this is there FIRST superbowl visit??  (you don't actually
>	think that they have a chance at winning it too, do you??)

Say what?

Ok, ok, so they did look rather pitiful a couple of years ago against
Washington, but I think we should at least give them credit for
showing up...

And unlike these days, I don't think Dallas was playing with itself 10
years or so ago either...

Hank Bovis (hb@Virginia.EDU, hb@Virginia.BITNET)

The Skins will rise again!