[fj.editor.emacs] Order of byte-compilations

nobu@flab.flab.fujitsu.JUNET (Hiraoka 'Tousan' Nobuyuki) (07/07/88)

In article <UMERIN.88Jul7093843@photon.stars.flab.Fujitsu.JUNET> umerin@photon.stars.flab.Fujitsu.JUNET (Masanobu UMEDA) writes:
>You have to byte-compile them in this order:
>	 nntp.el -> nnspool.el -> gnus.el  

Why don't you put it into gnus.el?
For example,

(defvar gnus-elisp-directory 
  "/sdl/nobu/lib/emacs"    ; you should change this when you install GNUS
  "*Directory name where three e-lisp files for GNUS located.")
(defun gnus-byte-compile()
  (byte-compile-file (concat gnus-elisp-directory "/nntp.el"))
  (byte-compile-file (concat gnus-elisp-directory "/nnspool.el"))
  (byte-compile-file (concat gnus-elisp-directory "/gnus.el"))

I'm sorry I'm not quite sure if it works at every site
(because I'm a beginner in e-lisp).
I'll be glad if you refine it and put into the next 
official delivery.
Nobuyuki HIRAOKA    $@$R!w#F(J