[hug.general] Wanted: Z8000 C Cross-compiler for HP9000/500

robbin@molihp.UUCP (06/17/87)

We are looking for pointers to a C cross-compiler (and assembler/linker) to
run on a Hewlett-Packard HP9000 series 500 that generates code for the Zilog
Z8000 family of microprocessors.  We are familiar with the HP product, but
would also like to hear about any third-party software that is available.

What we want most (outside of the standard wish for blindingly fast executable
code and 100% compliance with K&R :-)) is that it look and feel like UN*X.
The ability to pass command line defines and include file search paths is a
must (the HP product *does not* do this, it looks and feels like the HP64000
and that is not appreciated around hear - a matter of taste and not a flame.)
Also tools to turn the executables into a downloadable image (like Tekhex or
Motorola S-records) so we can send it to our PROM programmer would be nice.

We are not trying to scrounge or sponge, pointers to commercial ($$) products
are welcome.  Dollars are not the problem, it is finding a source for this
software that is the problem.

Any and all pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Please reply by email.
Robbin W Johnson			robbin@molihp.UUCP
Moli Energy Ltd.			...!ubc-vision!molihp!robbin
Burnaby, BC, CANADA			...!hpuvcca!molihp!robbin