[hug.general] Can an HP-BASIC 5.X application look at a files mod time?

wehr@fmeed1.UUCP (Bruce Wehr) (04/19/89)

With the introduction of HP-BASIC 5.X, applications can now
read/write/reside in files on an HFS (HP-UX) filesystem.  I also noticed
that BASIC is now using the timestamp field in LIF (BASIC) directories.

When I developed on a LIF filesystem, and the target system was LIF, the
installation procedure from floppy was relatively simple:  COPY
Sourcemsus$ TO Destmsus$ ( COPY ":,700,1" TO ":,700,0,1" ).  Yes, it
would copy everything, but it was acceptably quick.

I'm still developing on LIF, but now my target is HFS.  I had to write
an installation utility.  It would get the LIF directory (CAT Floppy$ to
Array$(*)), and, one file at a time, PURGE it from the HFS hard disk and
COPY it from the LIF floppy.  It still copies everything, but now is
unacceptably slow.

It would make more sense, using the above approach, to only do the
PURGE/COPY combination if the file on the floppy has a later timestamp
than the file on the hard disk.  Is there any way my installation
program can look at and compare the mod times on these files?

BTW, I did RTFM, and found nothing.  (That doesn't mean I'm not blind! :-)
Generous thanks in advance for any pointers.
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