[hug.general] Help with ct

wehr@fmeed1.UUCP (Bruce Wehr) (10/18/89)

I've been trying to get ct(1) working.  I'm running HP-UX 6.5 on a
9000/370.  I'd like it to use our Trailblazer at 19200.  It looks like

$ ct 95551212
No 1200 dialers on this system
$ ct -s19200 95551212
No 19200 dialers on this system

The relevant lines in our /usr/lib/uucp/Devices file are:

ACUBLAZER culd01 culd01 19200 tbfast
ACUBLAZER culd01 culd01 2400 tb2400
ACUBLAZER culd01 culd01 2400nomnp tb2400nomnp
ACUBLAZER culd01 culd01 1200 tb1200
Direct culd01 - 19200 direct

The relevant lines in our /usr/lib/uucp/Dialers file are:

# Telebit dialers
tbfast	=W-,	"" \K\pA\pA\pA\pA\pA\pT OK ATS50=255DTW\T CONNECT\sFAST
tb2400	=W-,	"" \K\pA\pA\pA\pA\pA\pT OK ATS50=000DTW\T CONNECT\s2400
tb2400nomnp	=W-,	"" \K\pA\pA\pA\pA\pA\pT OK ATS95=000DTW\T CONNECT\s2400
tb1200	=W-,	"" \K\pA\pA\pA\pA\pA\pT OK ATS50=000DTW\T CONNECT\s1200

Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

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