[rec.bicycles] Cheap place in Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour available NOW

D. Allen) (06/04/88)

A friend of mine who has been sent off out west for a conference finds
herself with a non-refundable "Tourist" rating space on the Rideau
Lakes Cycle Tour that she would like to sell to an eager rider (or an
eager rider watcher).  The tour has 900 riders, runs June 11 and 12,
and goes a total of 335km from Carleton U in Ottawa to Queens U in
Kingston and back, with overnight accomodation and meals at lovely
Queen's University on Lake Ontario.  You have to be fit to make this
trip, but, gosh, it looks like a lot of fun!

Phone (519) 886-6254 and leave a message for "Ian" if interested in
taking over this space on the tour; I'll send you the info packet and
you can cycle away.  The package deal cost her $70.  The asking price
is $60 now (June 3-4) and goes down by $10 each day until it's free!
        -IAN!  (Ian! D. Allen)      University of Waterloo