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rjtatz@hpuxa.ircc.ohio-state.edu (Robert J. Tatz) (12/22/90)

Subject: OSU-AUG meeting
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Organization: The Ohio State University (IRCC)
Keywords: Amiga Users Disney Animation Video Toaster Multimedia

Due to the fact that the December OSU-AUG meeting would fall on December 25th,
there will not be a December meeting.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The January OSU-AUG meeting will be on January 29th at 5:30 PM in 120 BAKER.

Our featured guests will be Eric Schwartz and Dr. Len Nasman.  Eric is 
currently enrolled at the Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD).  His
creations include Aerotoons and Amy the Squirrel.  He will demo the new
art program - the Disney Animation Studio.  Len is currently a certified
Commodore Amiga developer.  Len will bring along his NewTek "Video Toaster"
to demonstrate the power of this exciting video processing hardware.

Quoted without permission from Infoworld, Dec 3/90, (COMDEX article) :
"Turns out there is multimedia and multimedia. In the latter category
is New Tek, makers of a hot Amiga product called The Video Toaster - a
board that can do neat tricks mixing live TV feeds with other video sources."

Enjoy the holidays.  See you in the New Year.
Bob          rjtatz@hpuxa.ircc.ohio-state.edu

Bob          rjtatz@hpuxa.ircc.ohio-state.edu
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