[mod.sources.games] v01INF1: Introduction to mod.sources.games

games-request@tekred.UUCP (04/10/87)

Submitted by: Bill Randle <games-request@tekred.TEK.COM>
Mod.sources.games: Volume 1, Info 1
Archive-name: Intro1.1

This is the first "real" posting in mod.sources.games.  It is divided into
three parts; the first describes how to submit sources, the second describes
the format of the articles and the third describes how to get old sources.
[Thanks to Rich $alz, from whom much of this is "lifted".]

Mod.sources.games is a moderated newsgroup for the posting and distribution
of computer games sources.  The predominant focus is games that will
run on the Unix(R) Operating System.  However, since this newsgroup has
such a diverse readership, sources for other OS's (such as VMS and MSDOS)
will also be accepted.  Of special value are games that will compile and
execute on several different OS's/machines.

I will be following the same conventions in this newsgroup as is used in
mod.sources:  Postings will be divided into two types, sources and information
postings.  They will be identified by the format of the subject line, and
the "number" assigned to them.  The first three lines of the article body
will contain information for sites that do automatic archiving.   I will
often have comments on items published; they appear offset in square brackets
at the top of the article, and are ended with my initials, -br.

I am always looking for feedback as to how to improve service, and for
additional archive sites; feel free to get in touch with me.


Items intended for posting should be sent to games@tekred.TEK.COM;
requests for reposts or other queries should be sent to
games-request@tekred.TEK.COM.  For sites not understanding domain
syntax, the address is:
[Many sites talk to tektronix, including but not limited to: ihnp4,
cae780, uw-beaver, gatech, watmath, hp-pcd, decvax, cbosgd.]

In Australia, Robert Elz is a "sub-moderator"; people there can work
with him (kre@munnari.OZ) to get postings out more easily.

I expect the backlog to vary greatly, from none to about a week.  To avoid
overloading the net, I will not post more than 200K/day.

If you want verification of arrival, so say in a cover note, or at the
beginning of your submission, if it is small.

I try to verify that a program works, and if I can't get it to work, I
may hold up posting it for a couple of days.  

When you send mail, MAKE SURE to include a return address relative to
some well-known site(s).  When all else fails, my conventional address
and phone number are:
	Bill Randle
	Tektronix, Inc.
	625 SE Salmon
	Redmond, OR 97756
	(503) 923-4422


Each posting in mod.sources.games is called an "issue"; there are 100 issues
to a volume.  The division is arbitrary, and has varied greatly in the
past.  There are two types of articles in mod.sources.games; sources and
"information postings."  They can be distinguished by the subject
	Subject:  v01INF8:  Index for Volume 1 and other info
This first word in the title identifies this as the eight info posting
in volume one.  Similarly, the subject line shown below:
	Subject:  v01i081:  Rocket blasters
identifies this as the 81st source article in Volume 1.  Large sources
are broken up into smaller pieces, and have subject lines that look like
	Subject:  v01i082:  Super Corewars, Part03/12

The first few lines of an article are auxiliary headers that look like this:
    Submitted by: root@freeware.ATT.COM
    Mod.sources.games: Volume 1, Issue 82
    Archive-name: hangman
The "Submitted by" is the author of the program.  If you have comments about
the sources published in mod.sources, this is the person to contact.
When possible, this address is in domain form, otherwise it is a UUCP bang
path relative to a backbone site.

The second line repeats the volume/issue information for the aide of NOTES
sites and automatic archiving programs.

The Archive-name is the "official" name of this source in the archive.  Large
postings will have names that look like this:
    Archive-name: patch2/Part01
Please try to use this name when requesting that sources be mailed to you.
Also, note that the "part number" given in the title, and the archive name
given in the auxiliary header need not be identical.


Several sites below will send tapes through the mail.  For those sites,
send a 1/2" mag tape WITH RETURN POSTAGE and RETURN MAILER.  Tapes
without postage or mailer will not be returned.  No other methods (COD,
etc.) are available; please don't ask.

1.   Rick Adams (rick@seismo.CSS.GOV) provides archive access to those on the
     ARPAnet.  Access is available directly via anonymous ftp (Outside of
     9am-7pm EDT M-F.) The files are in a directory mod.sources.games, then a
     sub-directory VolumeX. They are named as closely as possible to the
     names in the Index.  Send tape, mailer, and postage to:
        Rick Adams
        Center for Seismic Studies
        1300 North 17th Street, Suite 1450
        Arlington, VA 22209-3871

2.   Alan Clegg (abc@ncsuvx.ncsu.edu, abc@[]) will provide
     archive access.  His host has access to UUCP, INTERNET and BITNET.
     [ncsuvx.ncsu is not registered yet.  In the meantime Alan can be
     contacted at: abc@mcnc.MCNC.ORG]  For access to the archive,
     contact Alan.

3.   David Barto at Megatek provides automatic archiving and retrieval
     in the same fashion as for mod.sources.
	David Barto		sdcsvax!sdcc6--\		
	barto@sdcsvax.ARPA	ihnp4--!bigbang-!megatek!barto

4.   Mike Arms at Sandia will be archiving the articles.  They can be a
     point of contact for those sites in New Mexico needing postings.
     Note though that they are NOT an ARPAnet site nor do they allow
     ad lib uucp connections. Those requesting archives should e-mail
     to Mike.
	Mike Arms
	{ucbvax | gatech}!unmvax!sandia!marms

5.   Pyramid Technology has an archive arranged topically, and in compressed
     tar files.  They are happy to take new UUCP connections.  They are also
     somewhat willing to make tapes for people to come by and pick up,
     provided you call WELL in advance and bring lunch money.  This is being
     managed by Claudia Dimmers and/or Carl Gutekunst.  Contact
     pyramid!usenet for more info.

6.   Jason at host aeras in San Jose (sun!aeras!jason) has an online
     archive and has a directory setup for anon uucp.  Contact Jason
     for more details.
	(408) 432-1200 ext. 365

7.   Charlie Boykin at host killer archives games sources (as well as
     mod.sources and net.sources).  The archives are in /net/archive
     on his system and anon uucp is available.  Contact Charlie for
	Charlie Boykin

8.   Robert Elz (kre@munnari.OZ) keeps mod.sources.games in different ways
     depending on his available disk space; contact him for more info
     if you're an Australian site.

9.   John Gilmore at host hoptoad plans to archive the sources.  To get
     copies of archived stuff, send mail to games-archive@hoptoad, or:

					-- !hoptoad!games-archive

10.  Of course, I have a complete set of archives.  I can mail individual
     postings, make files available for UUCP, and will send tapes (1600
     or 6250 BPI tar).  It costs about $5 to send a 2400' tape across
     the country in a padded envelope via first-class mail.
     In a real crunch, I might be able to write files onto MS-DOS
     diskettes; send e-mail before sending floppies!

11.  Internet sites may also retrieve archives from j.cc.purdue.edu via
     anonymous ftp.  Due to disk space considerations,
     many of the sources are compressed; these may be recognized by the
     ".Z" suffix.  If you don't have compress & friends, they are in
     ~ftp/pub/compress.shar for the taking.  This is being managed by
     Rich Kulawiec (Wombat), pucc-j!rsk, rsk@j.cc.purdue.edu.  If your
     host tables don't grok "j.cc.purdue.edu", try "purdue-asc.arpa".
     They would appreciate it if you would avoid large file transfers
     in the middle of the day.  [Rick also points out that the FTP'able
     archies also contain mod.amiga, a bunch of kermit sources, news
     2.11, rn 4.3, nntp, and whatever else happens to be in ~ftp/pub at
     the moment.]  This is still in the process of being setup for games
     archiving (game playing is not allowed on their local machines).
     Contact Rich for access/status info.


  Other sites may be added in the future.  I will update this list
  and repost occaisionally.