[mod.sources.games] v01i003: jive, valspeak - text filters

games-request@tekred.UUCP (04/18/87)

Submitted by: Bill Randle <games-request@tekred.TEK.COM>
Mod.sources.games: Volume 1, Issue 3
Archive-name: jive-val

	[Nothing fancy about these; just requires a lex.  Compiles
	 and runs fine on our 4.3bsd Vax; I don't see any system
	 dependencies.  -br]

#! /bin/sh
# This is a shell archive.  Remove anything before this line, then unpack
# it by saving it into a file and typing "sh file".  To overwrite existing
# files, type "sh file -c".  You can also feed this as standard input via
# unshar, or by typing "sh <file", e.g..  If this archive is complete, you
# will see the following message at the end:
#		"End of shell archive."
# Contents:  Makefile README jive.l valspeak.l
# Wrapped by billr@tekred on Fri Apr 17 15:53:57 1987
PATH=/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/ucb ; export PATH
if test -f Makefile -a "${1}" != "-c" ; then 
  echo shar: Will not over-write existing file \"Makefile\"
echo shar: Extracting \"Makefile\" \(218 characters\)
sed "s/^X//" >Makefile <<'END_OF_Makefile'
X# Makefile for jive and valspeak programs
Xvalspeak:	valspeak.l
X	lex valspeak.l
X	cc $(CFLAGS) -o valspeak lex.yy.c -ll
X	rm lex.yy.c
Xjive:	jive.l
X	lex jive.l
X	cc $(CFLAGS) -o jive lex.yy.c -ll
X	rm lex.yy.c
if test 218 -ne `wc -c <Makefile`; then
    echo shar: \"Makefile\" unpacked with wrong size!
# end of overwriting check
if test -f README -a "${1}" != "-c" ; then 
  echo shar: Will not over-write existing file \"README\"
echo shar: Extracting \"README\" \(357 characters\)
sed "s/^X//" >README <<'END_OF_README'
XJive and valspeak are filters that take an ordinary text file
Xand change selected words into jive (or valspeak).  The original
Xauthor of these programs is not listed in the source code; they
Xwere submitted to mod.sources.games by Adams Douglas (adamsd@crash.UUCP).
X	-Bill Randle
X	Moderator, mod.sources.games
X	Tektronix, Inc.
X	games-request@tekred.TEK.COM
if test 357 -ne `wc -c <README`; then
    echo shar: \"README\" unpacked with wrong size!
# end of overwriting check
if test -f jive.l -a "${1}" != "-c" ; then 
  echo shar: Will not over-write existing file \"jive.l\"
echo shar: Extracting \"jive.l\" \(6702 characters\)
sed "s/^X//" >jive.l <<'END_OF_jive.l'
X%e 2000
X%p 5000
X%n 1000
X%k 500
X%a 4000
X%o 2000
XBW [ 	]
XEW [ 	.,;!?]
X	char buf[128];
Xfile				printf(" stash");
Xsend				printf(" t'row");
Xprogram				printf(" honky code");
Xatlas				printf(" Isaac");
Xunix				printf(" slow mo-fo");
XUNIX				printf(" that slow mo-fo");
Xtakes				printf(" snatch'd");
XMexican				printf(" wet-back");
Xmexican				printf(" wet-back");
XItalian				printf(" greaser");
Xitalian				printf(" greaser");
Xtake				printf(" snatch");
X"don't"				printf(" duzn't");
Xjive				printf(" JIBE");
Xfool				printf(" honkyfool");
Xmodem				printf(" doodad");
X"e the "			printf("e da damn ");
X"a the "			printf("a da damn ");
X"t the "			printf("t da damn ");
X"d the "			printf("d da damn ");
X" man "                     printf(" dude ");
Xwoman				printf("mama");
Xgirl				printf("goat");
Xsomething			printf("sump'n");
X" lie "			printf(" honky jibe ");
X-o-                     printf(" -on rebound- ");
X-oo-			printf(" -check y'out latah-");
X[a-b]"."		{ sprintf(buf, "%s  Sheeeiit.",yytext); printf(buf); }
X[e-f]"."		{ sprintf(buf, "%s  What it is, Mama!",yytext); printf(buf); }
X[i-j]"."		{ sprintf(buf, "%s  Ya' know?",yytext); printf(buf); }
X[m-n]"."		{ sprintf(buf, "%s  'S coo', bro.",yytext); printf(buf); }
X[q-r]"."		{ sprintf(buf, "%s  Ah be baaad...",yytext); printf(buf); }
X[u-v]"."		{ sprintf(buf, "%s  Man!",yytext); printf(buf); }
X[y-z]"."		{ sprintf(buf, "%s  Slap mah fro!",yytext); printf(buf); }
XSure			printf("Sho' nuff");
Xsure			printf("sho' nuff");
X\40+get				printf(" git");
X"will have"			printf("gots'ta");
X"will "				printf("gots'ta ");
X"got to"			printf("gots'ta");
X"I am"				printf("I's gots'ta be");
X"am not"				printf("aint");
X"is not"				printf("aint");
X"are not"				printf("aint");
X" are your"				printf(" is yo'");
X" are you"				printf(" you is");
X\40+hat\40+                     printf(" fedora ");
X\40+shoe                    printf(" kicker");
Xhaven't				printf("aint");
X"have to"			printf("gots'ta");
Xhave				printf("gots'");
X" has"				printf(" gots'ta");
X"come over"			printf("mosey on down");
X\40+come\40+                    printf(" mosey on down ");
X!                       printf(".  Right On!  ");
Xbuy				printf("steal");
X\40+car\40+                     printf(" wheels ");
Xdrive				printf("roll");
X\40+eat\40+                     printf(" feed da bud ");
X\40+black                   printf(" brother ");
X\40+negro                   printf(" brother");
Xwhite 				printf("honky");
X\40+nigger                  printf(" gentleman ");
Xnice				printf("supa' fine");
X"person"			printf("sucka'");
X\40+thing                   printf(" wahtahmellun");
Xhome					printf("plantation");
Xname				printf("dojigger");
X\40+path                    printf(" alley");
Xcomputer			printf("clunker");
Xor				printf("o'");
Xkilled				printf("wasted");
Xpresident			printf("super-dude");
X"prime minister"		printf("super honcho");
Xinjured				printf("hosed");
Xgovernment			printf("guv'ment");
Xknew				printf("knowed");
Xbecause				printf("a'cuz");
XBecause				printf("A'cuz");
Xyour				printf("yo'");
XYour				printf("Yo'");
Xfour				printf("foe");
Xgot				printf("gots");
Xaren't				printf("ain't");
Xyoung				printf("yung");
Xyou				printf("ya'");
XYou				printf("You's");
Xfirst				printf("fust");
Xpolice				printf("honky pigs");
X\40+string                  printf(" chittlin'");
X\40+read		printf(" eyeball");
Xwrite				printf("scribble");
Xth				printf("d");
XTh				printf("D");
Xing				printf("in'");
X\40+a\40+			printf(" some ");
X\40+to\40+			printf(" t'");
Xtion				printf("shun");
X\40+almost\40+			printf(" mos' ");
X" from"			printf(" fum");
X\40+because\40+		printf(" cuz' ");
Xyou're		printf("youse");
XYou're		printf("Youse");
Xalright			printf("coo'");
Xokay			printf("coo'");
X"er "			printf("a' ");
Xknown			printf("knode");
Xwant			printf("wants'");
Xbeat			printf("whup'");
Xexp			printf("'sp");
Xexs			printf("'s");
X" exc"			printf(" 's");
X" ex"			printf(" 'es");
Xlike			printf("likes");
Xdid				printf("dun did");
X"kind of"			printf("kind'a");
Xwomen				printf("honky chicks");
X" men "				printf(" dudes ");
X" mens "			printf(" dudes ");
X" man "				printf(" dude ");
Xwoman				printf("honky chick");
Xdead			printf("wasted");
Xgood			printf("baaaad");
X"open "				printf("jimmey ");
X"opened "			printf("jimmey'd ");
X" very"				printf(" real");
X"per"				printf("puh'");
X"pera"				printf("puh'");
X"oar"				printf("o'");
X" can"				printf(" kin");
X"just "				printf("plum ");
Xdetroit			printf("Mo-town");
X"western electric"		printf("da' cave");
X" believe"			printf(" recon'");
X[Ii]"ndianapolis"		printf("Nap-town");
X" "[Jj]"ack"			printf(" Buckwheat");
X" "[Bb]"ob "		printf(" Liva' Lips ");
X" "[Pp]"hil "		printf(" dat fine soul ");
X" "[Mm]"ark "		printf(" Amos ");
X[Rr]obert		printf("Leroy");
X[Ss]"andy"		printf("dat fine femahnaine ladee");
X[Jj]"ohn "		printf("Raz'tus ");
X" "[Pp]"aul"		printf(" Fuh'rina");
X[Rr]"eagan"		printf("Kingfish");
X[Dd]"avid"		printf("Issac");
X[Rr]"onald"		printf("Rolo");
X" "[Jj]"im "		printf(" Bo-Jangles ");
X" "[Mm]"ary"		printf(" Snow Flake");
X[Ll]"arry"		printf("Remus");
X[Jj]"oe"		printf("Massa' ");
X[Jj]"oseph"		printf("Massa' ");
Xmohammed			printf("liva' lips");
Xpontiff				printf("wiz'");
Xpope				printf("wiz'");
Xpravda				printf("dat commie rag");
Xbroken				printf("bugger'd");
X"strange "			printf("funky ");
X"dance "			printf("boogy ");
X" house"			printf(" crib");
Xask				printf("ax'");
X" so "				printf(" so's ");
Xhead				printf("'haid");
Xboss				printf("main man");
Xwife				printf("mama");
Xpeople				printf("sucka's");
Xmoney				printf("bre'd");
X[a-z]":"		{	*(yytext+1) = ',';
X				sprintf(buf, "%s dig dis:",yytext);
X				printf(buf);
X			}
Xamateur				printf("begina'");
Xradio					printf("transista'");
X" of "				printf(" uh ");
Xwhat				printf("whut");
Xdoes				printf("duz");
Xwas				printf("wuz");
X" were"				printf(" wuz");
X"understand it"			printf("dig it");
Xunderstand			printf("dig it");
X" my"				printf(" mah'");
X" "[Ii]" "			printf(" ah' ");
X"meta"				printf("meta-fuckin'");
X"hair"			printf("fro");
X"talk"			printf("rap");
X"music"			printf("beat");
X"basket"		printf("hoop");
X"football"		printf("ball");
X"friend"		printf("homey");
X"school"		printf("farm");
X"boss"			printf("Man");
X"want to"		printf("wanna");
X"wants to"		printf("be hankerin' aftah");
X"well"			printf("sheeit");
X"Well"			printf("Sheeit");
X"big"			printf("big-ass");
X"bad"			printf("bad-ass");
X"small"			printf("little-ass");
X"sort of"		printf("radical");
X" is "			printf(" be ");
Xwater			printf("booze");
Xbook			printf("scribblin'");
Xmagazine		printf("issue of GQ");
Xpaper			printf("sheet");
Xup			printf("down");
Xdown			printf("waaay down");
Xbreak			printf("boogie");
XHi			printf("'Sup, dude");
XVAX			printf("pink Cadillac");
X.			printf(yytext);
X\n			printf("\n");
X	yylex();
if test 6702 -ne `wc -c <jive.l`; then
    echo shar: \"jive.l\" unpacked with wrong size!
# end of overwriting check
if test -f valspeak.l -a "${1}" != "-c" ; then 
  echo shar: Will not over-write existing file \"valspeak.l\"
echo shar: Extracting \"valspeak.l\" \(2800 characters\)
sed "s/^X//" >valspeak.l <<'END_OF_valspeak.l'
XT	[" .!?,"]*
X" bad"			printf(" mean");
X" big"			printf(" bitchin'est");
X" body"			printf(" bod");
X" bore"			printf(" drag");
X" car "			printf(" rod ");
X" dirty"		printf(" grodie");
X" filthy"		printf(" grodie to thuh max");
X" food"			printf(" munchies");
X" girl"			printf(" chick");
X" good"			printf(" bitchin'");
X" great"		printf(" awesum");
X" gross"		printf(" grodie");
X" guy"			printf(" dude");
X" her "			printf(" that chick ");
X" her."			printf(" that chick.");
X" him "			printf(" that dude ");
X" him."			printf(" that dude.");
X" can be "		|
X" can't be "		|
X" should have been "	|
X" shouldn't have been "	|
X" should be "		|
X" shouldn't be "	|
X" was "			|
X" wasn't "		|
X" will be "		|
X" won't be "		|
X" is "		{
X			switch(rand() % 6)
X			{
X			case 0:
X				printf("like, ya know, "); break;
X			case 1:
X				printf(""); break;
X			case 2:
X				printf("like wow! "); break;
X			case 3:
X				printf("ya know, like, "); break;
X			case 4:
X				printf(""); break;
X			case 5:
X				printf(""); break;
X			}
X		}
X" house"		printf(" pad");
X" interesting"		printf(" cool");
X" large"		printf(" awesum");
X" leave"		printf(" blow");
X" man "			printf(" nerd ");
X" maybe "	{
X			switch(rand() % 6)
X			{
X			case 0:
X				printf(" if you're a Pisces "); break;
X			case 1:
X				printf(" if the moon is full "); break;
X			case 2:
X				printf(" if the vibes are right "); break;
X			case 3:
X				printf(" when you get the feeling "); break;
X			case 4:
X				printf(" maybe "); break;
X			case 5:
X				printf(" maybe "); break;
X			}
X		}
X" meeting"		printf(" party");
X" movie"		printf(" flick");
X" music "		printf(" tunes ");
X" neat"			printf(" keen");
X" nice"			printf(" class");
X" no way"		printf(" just no way");
X" people"		printf(" guys");
X" really"		printf(" totally");
X" strange"		printf(" freaky");
X" the " 		printf(" thuh ");
X" very"			printf(" super");
X" want"			printf(" want");
X" weird"		printf(" far out");
X" yes"			printf(" fer shure");
X"But "			printf("Man, ");
X"He "			printf("That dude ");
X"I like"		printf("I can dig");
X"No,"			printf("Like, no way,");
XSir			printf("Man");
X"She "			printf("That fox ");
XThis			printf("Like, ya know, this");
XThere			printf("Like, there");
X"We "			printf("Us guys ");
X"Yes,"			printf("Like,");
X", "		{
X			switch(rand() % 6)
X			{
X			case 0:
X				printf(", like, "); break;
X			case 1:
X				printf(", fer shure, "); break;
X			case 2:
X				printf(", like, wow, "); break;
X			case 3:
X				printf(", oh, baby, "); break;
X			case 4:
X				printf(", man, "); break;
X			case 5:
X				printf(", mostly, "); break;
X			}
X		}
X!		{
X			switch(rand() % 3)
X			{
X			case 0:
X				printf("!  Gag me with a SPOOOOON!"); break;
X			case 1:
X				printf("!  Gag me with a pitchfork!"); break;
X			case 2:
X				printf("!  Oh, wow!");
X			}
X		}
Xing			printf("in'");
X.			ECHO;
X	srand(getpid());
X	yylex();
if test 2800 -ne `wc -c <valspeak.l`; then
    echo shar: \"valspeak.l\" unpacked with wrong size!
# end of overwriting check
echo shar: End of shell archive.
exit 0