[ne.news] Implementing "uumailclean".

jrp@mirror.TMC.COM (John R. Petersen) (10/05/88)

For those of you running Berkeley out there, I just wanted to put in
a good word for the "uumailclean" program that was posted recently to
comp.sources.unix.  "uumailclean" is a program designed to be run
before uuclean that returns undelivered mail to the sender.  It only
took 10 minutes out of my busy day to implement the program (including
my adding an "X-System-Contact:" field to the returned message.  One note
of warning though: uumailclean requirs the getopt package that was posted
to comp.sources.unix.  (Original in volume 1, or AT&T PD version in volume
3)  I feel that the implemtation of this program will help to eliminate
that "bit bucket" feeling that some users get when sending mail.  At least
they will know that the message died because it was never picked up!!


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