[ne.news] News in Notes

mesard@bbn.com (Wayne Mesard) (05/04/89)

Has anyone out there had any experience integrating Usenet into a
Notes-like system, who would be willing to field a few questions from a
friend of mine at Northeastern?

He is considering bringing a Usenet site online under the CoSy
conferencing system (from the Univ. of Guelph) and thinks many of the
issues (ordeals) will be the same.

Any hints, warnings or simply your eMail address would be gratefully

He is:

        David Glaubman
        dglaubman@northeastern.edu                   (CSnet)
        glaubman@nuhub                               (Bitnet)
	dglaubman%lynx.northeastern.edu@relay.cs.net (If all else fails)
        (617) 437-3300

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