[rec.railroad] Stepper motor controller?

poirot@aio.jsc.nasa.gov (Daniel Poirot) (10/26/90)

Sorry if you have seen this once before, but our news feed went down
shortly after I posted.


I am planning on replacing several stepper motor controllers with PC
clone motherboards.

Does anyone have any code to run a stepper motor from the parallel
port?  Or an 8255 port?  How about circuits for motor drivers?

These will be diskless systems running the code out of ROM, so C or ASM
source is what I am looking for.

On that subject, I have found several PD LOCATOR programs to turn .EXE
files into ROM images, but they all assume the target code is located
ending in the F000:0000 area, replacing the BIOS.  I would like a
LOCATOR that I can use with the BIOS and supports the 55 AA auto-start
ROM sequence that is built into the BIOS.


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