[bu.general] Fast XT Compatible for sale

ngeow@bu-cs.BU.EDU (Yee Ngeow) (10/03/89)

This posting is for a friend:

IBM XT Compatible for sale:

        4.77/10 MHz Keyboard selectable
        FAST NEC V-20 CPU - up to 4.8 times faster then a IBM PC
        1 Megabyte RAM installed on motherboard
        20 Megabyte Segate Hard drive with dual hard disk controller
        360/420K disk drive with dual disk controller
        144 CPS Panasonic printer with NLQ
        1200 baud Hayes compatible modem
        Hercules compatible graphics card
        12 inch amber monitor
        101 Key enhanced keyboard
        Phoenix bios
        Front panel hardware turbo and reset switches
        Lots of software, utilities, printer paper.

Get this FAST and FULLY LOADED XT compatible with everything you need for
ONLY $990!!! Paid $1400 just over a year ago. Everything is in very good to
excellent condition. Very low "milege" on all components.

Call 617-782-1979 or send mail to lina@bucsf.bu.edu (internet),
                                  cscbvgc@buacca.bitnet (bitnet).