[bu.general] CNS Program at BU Hiring 2 Assistant Professors

mike@bucasb.bu.edu (10/31/90)

Boston University seeks two tenure track assistant or associate
professors starting in Fall, 1991 for its M.A. and Ph.D. Program
in Cognitive and Neural Systems.  This program offers an
intergrated curriculum offering the full range of psychological,
neurobiological, and computational concepts, models, and methods
in the broad field variously called neural networks,
connectionism, parallel distributed processing, and biological
information processing, in which Boston University is a leader. 
Candidates should have extensive analytic or computational
research experience in modelling a broad range of nonlinear
neural networks, especially in one or more of the areas: vision
and image processing, speech and language processing, adaptive
pattern recognition, cognitive information processing, and
adaptive sensory-motor control  Candidates for associate
professor should have an international reputation in neural
network modelling.  Send a complete curriculum vitae and three
letters of recommendation to Search Committee, Cognitive and
Neural Systems Program, Room 240, 111 Cummington Street, Boston
University, Boston, MA 02215, preferably by November 15, 1990 but
no later than January 1, 1991.  Boston University is an Equal
Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.  

Boston University (617-353-7857) Email: mike@bucasb.bu.edu
Smail: Michael Cohen                     111 Cummington Street, RM 242
       Center for Adaptive Systems        Boston, Mass 02215
       Boston University