[rec.sport.baseball] Join our group for a Blue Jay game

edwest@gpu.utcs.toronto.edu (Dr. Edmund West) (03/24/88)

  Several years ago I started an annual tradition of organizing group
nights at several Blue Jay games during the year. Five or six times between
May and September about 30 or 40 of my fellow employees at University of
Toronto Computing Services attend one of the games. It is a lot of fun.
  This year I have a number of extra tickets for each of the games. If you
would like to join our group, convert the form which follows (the original
memo I sent to our staff) to hardcopy, read it and follow the instructions.
Fill it in and send it to me with your cheque. I will send your tickets
back to you.
  My mailing address is:
			Edmund West
			Computing Services (MP 331)
			University of Toronto
			255 Huron St.
			Toronto, ON, M5S 1A1
If you would like more information first, give me a call during business
hours at 978-4085. If I am not available, leave your name and number.
to:      Whom It May Concern
from:    Edmund West
date:    3-February-1988


  Now that the Stupor Bowl is history and the Maple Leafs have settled into
their accustomed position at the bottom of the Norris division, it's time to
think BASEBALL. The Grapefruit League starts this month and the Blue Jays have
their home opener in just nine weeks! There is no doubt that the Jays will be
very competetive again this year.

  Since tickets will be hard to get later in the season I've already ordered a
block of tickets for each of the six games listed below. Order your tickets NOW!
First come, first served.

  The Jays' 1988 opponents will be the Milwaukee Brewers (Monday, May 30)
[always tough for the Jays], the Baltimore Orioles (Tuesday, June 21) [this
year's come-back team], the California Angels (Wednesday, July 6) [the always
colorful 1986 AL Champs], the Minnesota Twins (Tuesday, August 2) [the exciting
1987 World Champs], the Chicago White Sox (Monday, August 22) [includes the CNE
at no extra charge], and the Detroit Tigers (Monday, September 12) [this game
could decide the AL East]. All games start at 7:30 PM.

  Anyone is eligible to join the group. The cost for a field level chair is
$15.25. (The extra quarter covers my overhead for buying a large block of
tickets in advance.) Here's what you have to do:

1.  Decide how many tickets you want (for family, friends, etc.) for each game.
2.  Fill out the form below.
3.  Write a cheque for the total made out to "Edmund West".
4.  Send the form *and* the money to Edmund West at MP331.


- - - - - - - -  cut here  - - - - - - - -  save top of form  - - - - - - - - -

Return this form and your cheque to Edmund West at MP331.

Please reserve the following tickets:

(1)  30-May-88   Milwaukee Brewers      _______ tickets

(2)  21-Jun-88   Baltimore Orioles      _______ tickets

(3)   6-Jul-88   California Angels      _______ tickets

(4)   2-Aug-88   Minnesota Twins        _______ tickets

(5)  22-Aug-88   Chicago White Sox      _______ tickets

(6)  12-Sep-88   Detroit Tigers         _______ tickets

     Totals:                            _______ tickets (@$15.25) = $___________

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