[rec.sport.baseball] BLUE JAY TICKETS AVAILABLE

edwest@gpu.utcs.toronto.edu (Dr. Edmund West) (05/12/88)

  For the last several years I have organized group nights for Blue
Jay baseball games on behalf of my organization. This year I still
have several tickets available for each of the following games:
	30-May	Mon	Milwaukee Brewers
	21-Jun	Tue	Baltimore Orioles
	 6-Jul	Wed	California Angels
The seats are field level chairs and cost $15.00 (same as the list
price). Anyone interested in joining our group for these games should
call me at 416-978-4085.

edwest@gpu.utcs.toronto.edu (Dr. Edmund West) (05/29/88)

I have one pair of tickets available if anyone is interested in joining
the UTCS group at the Blue Jays' game with the Milwaukee Brewers on
Monday, May 31, at 7:30 PM. The seats are "field level chairs" along the
right field line and sell for $15 each. Its a lot of fun to be part of our
group. Call me at 978-4085 during working hours, if you are interested.

edwest@gpu.utcs.toronto.edu (Dr. Edmund West) (06/20/88)

  I still have a few Blue Jay tickets for our Blue Jay Group Nights. They are
going fast and I will sell them to third party vendors, if no one else buys them
within the next few days. Come on and join the group. It's a lot of fun
(especially now that the Jays are starting to roll). First come, first served.

  Here is a list of games and remaining tickets:

     1.  Baltimore Orioles              Tuesday, June 21          6 tickets
     2.  California Angels              Wednesday, July 6         2 tickets
     3.  Minnesota Twins                Tuesday, August 2         7 tickets
     4.  Chicago White Sox (and CNE)    Monday, August 22         8 tickets

  All games start at 7:30 PM. The cost for a field level chair is $15.00 (list
price). Call me at 978-4085 for more information. Or see me in my office in room
337 of McLennan Labs at the University of Toronto, 60 St. George Street.