[rec.autos.tech] engine control ROM replacements

chan@bartleby.BERKELEY.EDU (05/10/87)

I am interested in the possiblity of working with an engine tuner
to optimize the performance of the electronic controls for (modified) 
VW engines like the one in my '85 GTI.  I haven't started any research
other than looking at external the black box connections in the manual.
I am aware that there are companies offering computer replacements 
especially for GM cars, but am aware of none for VWs.

Does anyone know what type of processor (if any) is contained in the
most current VW engine controls?  Does it run off separate ROMs as
is implied for the 8031-based controls in Porsches and Lotuses in 
earlier messages?  

I'd bet that most readers here would be interested in information 
on these or any other engine controls in general. 

Jeff C.