[rec.autos.tech] Need help with auto radio noise problem

hpk@antique.UUCP (Howard Katseff) (07/27/88)

The factory installed radio in my 84 Camry has developed severe noise
problems.  The problem is intermittent: some days it works fine, on
others I get a little static on both AM & FM, and on the worst days,
there is lots of distortion on FM and more static on AM.  Its built-in
tape player always works fine.  There may be some correlation between the
radio not working and higher temperatures.

The radio is attached to a power antenna.  Sometimes the antenna will
not go down when the radio is shut off.  It always goes up when the
radio is powered on and down when the ignition is shut off.  This
problem has happened only a few times (and it usually works fine).  I
really don't care about this, but I mention it because it may be
related to the noise problem.

In an attempt to isolate the problem, I have removed the radio and
attached a different antenna (from my scanner radio through several
patch cords):  the noise is identical.  I have tried jiggling all the
wires under the dash and that has no effect.

Does anybody have suggestions on what to do?  Does it sound like wiring
in the car, or the radio itself?

I would be happy to take it to an good auto radio repair shop.  Can
anybody suggest one in or near Central New Jersey?  I spoke with the
car dealership.  They ship their radios to Boston for repair.


Howard Katseff
Room 4F-605, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Holmdel, NJ  07733
201 949-5337