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gil@limbic.UUCP (Gil Kloepfer Jr.) (09/19/88)

In article <12462@duke.cs.duke.edu> gazit@bein.UUCP (Hillel Gazit) writes:
|>I was caught by a police radar which claimed that I was going 65 MPH.
|>My speed was 55 MPH.  I think that something was wrong with the radar,
|>so I want to challenge the policeman in court.
|>Hillel                      gazit@cs.duke.edu

You might want to clock your OWN speedometer before you begin your fight in
court.  Although you probably have a chance of winning, if your speedometer
is inaccurate you might have another ticket before your court date!

I wouldn't bother saying anything about this except that it happened to me.
I was doing exactly 55, and got pulled over for doing 66.  When I drove my
car down a metered mile and clocked it, I found that my car's speed was 1.2
times the speed my speedometer was reading.  Note that 55 * 1.2 is, indeed,

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