[rec.autos.tech] Home brew alarm - considerations

chris@zorin.UUCP (Christopher Nielsen) (01/28/89)

I am in the process of considering/designing my own car alarm. I have a few
suitable computers (RS model 100,  AIM 65, KIM) sitting around, and I'm
also looking at units available, sensors, etc.

Topic for discussion...
I would be interested in anyone's experience with: 

	ignition kill 
	thieves managing to disable alarms 
	cheapo alarms that didn't work 
	shock sensors
	glass break (sound discriminators) 
	backup battery systems
	remote radio (arm/disarm) units
	paging units

... and other clever additions to the basic theme of home brew auto security.

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ir708@sdcc6.ucsd.EDU (ir708) (01/29/89)

[Question on home brew auto security]

I've always wondered what it would be like to have a hidden
wireless microphone in the car which would record anything
that took place while being broken into - voices, power tools,
etc. If it was hooked up to a loudspeaker, you could hear
it at night when your car is unattended and it could be
hooked up to a tape recorder in case the theives say each
others names. Of course, if it's a lone theif, he won't do
much talking, but may leave other clues. Perhaps a hidden
video camera would be possible?

Just a thought.


hundt@paul.rutgers.edu (Thomas M. Hundt) (01/31/89)

When you build yours, please *don't* have it sound the horn when the
remote activates the thing.  That's so annoying, hearing this "blurp"
noises all the time.  (At 105 dB no less.)

I'd like to have knockout gas spew forth from the dashboard when
would-be thieves break into my car (ala Mission Impossible) :-)
(Of course I probably would then be sued...) 

If someone really wants to take your car, they will.  They come over
with one of these flatbed towtrucks, and away they go.
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