[rec.autos.tech] Noise suppression in autos

ron_b@apollo.COM (Ronald Buttiglieri) (01/31/89)

Sorry if this topic has been discussed previously.

I'm looking for info on how to suppress noise to my car stereo.
I've seen ads for *several* types of problems (ignition noise, etc.).
I was wondering the best method to determine where MY problem
originates and what solutions to try. I'd prefer not to use the trial/
error approach. That adds up($) after a while. I appreciate any and all

If further details are required, send me email; I'll reply directly.




singleto@cs.glasgow.ac.uk (Jon Singleton) (02/05/89)

To Ron Buttiglieri:


The interference is generated by a.c. generating items on the engine.
Because of the changing current it creates pops in the radio signal.
The way to eliminate them is to wire a capacitor to the offending items; this
smoothes the changeover between current directions and will diminish or
eliminate the interference.
I think the capacitor should be simply sited on the item so that it earths to
it and the input connected to a wire on the item from elsewhere in the cars
electrical system.
There are 2 items that cause it: the alternator/dynamo and distributor.
A Haynes Auto Manual on your car will tell you where and how to fit these in
one of the chapters near the end.
The size of capacitor is important so look at a Haynes book,ask the car
manufacturer or an auto electrician to clarify.
Don't treat any of this as gospel as its 2 years since I did it to my car
and that was the first time!

Hope I've been of help.
			- Jon Singleton.

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