[rec.autos.tech] Questions, questions! Was: corrosion protection

rsd@sei.cmu.edu (Richard S D'Ippolito) (06/14/89)

In article <3223@kitty.UUCP> larry@kitty.UUCP (Larry Lippman) writes:

=	And now you want to bolt magnesium blocks to the spare tire wells
=inside a trunk!  Tell me about how you propose to fasten the magnesium
=block to the body metal, the effect of drilling holes in the auto body,
=and about how you intend to deal with the problems attendant in maintaining
=that junction.  Then tell me about what will happen after the magnesium
=gets wet the first time, and a solid layer of magnesium oxide forms on its

Ask him to tell you how to put the magnesium out when the rear end catches
fire.  Go ahead Larry, ask him!

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