[rec.autos.tech] My car radio sings the Blues...

hovan@bgsuvax.UUCP (John Hovan) (07/26/89)

Here is my story....

Since my radio in my 280ZX would not lock in a channel, but would perform
the seek and scan functions and would perform its amplifier duties when the
tape deck was used, I thought I may be able to obtain a service manual from
Hitachi so that I can make the repair myself.  After calling Hitachi Sales
in the United States, they referred me to Fox International in Cleveland.
(near my home town).  I called Fox International on the phone and gave the
operator the model number of my radio.  She said they can obtain the manual
but I could not order the manual direct.  Their procedure is to send an order
form stating the price and part number which I then have to mail back to the  
company to place the order.

Here is my beef....

After receiving the order form in the mail I saw the $8.00 price on the    
service manual, and thought that this was not too unreasonable.  However,
when my eyes ran to the bottom of the page, I saw a $15.01 total!!  The
company had added a whopping $5.95 in shipping and .50 cents insurance!!!
I assume the manual can be no more than 25 pages so I called Fox International
and asked the parts department if I could order the manual and pick it up   
myself to save over $6.00 in unnecessary charges.  He replied that they could
not order the part unless I paid the prepaid order form, and they did not 
have a will call service to hold parts.  He then patched me through to a
gentleman in customer service, who told me the $5.95 shipping charge is
a standard charge and that an order for $100.00 receives the same shipping
charge and their charges have been this way for five years. I told him 

Here is my question....

Does anybody know where I can find a service manual for an Hitachi
Radio, model number KMS-3601B and/or know what would cause the radio
to seek and scan but not lock in on a station??  The radio antenna has been
checked all the way into the radio for shorts or opens.
This radio is used in my 1981 280ZX.  


John Hovan
PSRC Software
Bowling Green State University