[rec.autos.tech] How to save your car's electrical stuff?

cyamamot@girtab.usc.edu (Cliff Yamamoto) (11/28/89)

In article <1989Nov27.160950.13937@sj.ate.slb.com> poffen@molehill writes:
>My friend bought a Mazda MX-6 last year. Earlier this year the regulator on
>the alternater went berserk. As near as the dealer can figure, the voltage
>out of the alternater probably went as high as 100V! Everything, and I mean
>EVERYTHING electrical in the car blew out. Virtually every light bulb, all of
>the computers (engine, transmission, turbo boost, etc) blew out. The stereo
>smoked, the air conditioner fryed, the windshield wiper motor melted, the
>battery exploded. In addition, several wiring harnesses burned up.
>Russ Poffenberger               DOMAIN: poffen@sj.ate.slb.com

This got me thinking about the audio/ham-radio gear I have installed in my
car.  Can anyone confirm if the following would work:

  (-) 12 Vdc (+)  30 Amp
 +--- battery ---o-fuse-o--+----> to your favorite & expensive equipment
 |                         |
 |                         -
 |                         ^ 30 Amp +15 Vdc Zener diode  ( just match the
 |                         |                               diode rating with
 +-------------------------+----> car chassis              the fuse rating )

Are there any better ideas out there?  What can be done to clamp a large
voltage surge or at least blow out the fuse when a surge occurs?